Did you know: Majority of FPL garments are made to order, just for you, no waste, no mass production.


Thousands of mass-produced garments are manufactured each week with unethical working conditions, nonexistent environmental regulations, poor fits and terrible quality, resulting in a ‘wear once and move on’ mindset – this has to change.

Frances Pryce Lewis garments are hand crafted to last. Majority of my garments are made using sustainable, deadstock and remnant fabrics. I am proud to say all of our fabrics, trims, materials, textile printing and pleating are sourced locally.

I work on a made-to-order model whereby I don’t keep large amounts of stock and only create a garment when it has been purchased. Each style is produced in very small quantities, meaning your garment is completely unique and individual!

It is very important to know that my garments are made in a safe environment, which is why I decided to make them myself. As the business will grow over time, I will hire skilled, talented seamstresses who will be paid over the living wage to work with me in my studio.


As a one women business owner, I pledge to do the following to make fashion fair for all.

  • To use sustainable, deadstock, remnant fabrics.
  • To design garments at a reasonable price that is made to last.
  • To work ethically and always be transparent about the production of each item.
  • To create minimal wastage and recycle all offcuts of fabric.
  • To source all fabrics, trims and materials locally.
  • To produce minimal quantities of each style.



Fashion looks good, but we need it to do good too.